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Why Sequoia Academy?


Sequoia Academy is a GATE, AVID, and STEA³M Magnet Preschool through 6th Grade Elementary School dedicated to learning and personal growth, while providing a comprehensive and enriched learning experience for all. We are a community of learners including students, parents, staff, and community members dedicated to creating an academically rigorous, culturally diverse, and inclusive learning environment. Together, we are scholars of knowledge, our communities, the environment, and our futures. Sequoia Eagles are goal-oriented, critical thinkers and community leaders dedicated to achieving the highest level of integrity and academic success.


Sequoia Academy creates an inclusive and supportive learning environment that enables all students to reach their full potential and prepare them for success in their academic and personal lives. We celebrate and continually strengthen our “community of learners” and ensure that every student becomes a responsible, life-long learner through the achievement of academic and personal success. We offer a diverse range of programs, resources, opportunities, and support systems to meet the needs and interests of different types of learners. This includes academic support services, extracurricular activities, STEA³M based clubs, and various opportunities that cater to students with different learning styles, abilities, and interests. 


Sequoia Academy’s Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program is designed to provide specialized educational services to students who have been identified as gifted or talented in one or more areas. There is one or more GATE identified classrooms at each grade level, 1st through 6th grade. In these classrooms, students’ exceptional abilities, talents, and potential for high performance in academics are encouraged and further developed through daily enrichment and depth & complexity prompting embedded throughout all activities. Across the disciplines, students expand their knowledge and expertise, while maintaining a balance with the academic content and being challenged to make connections across disciplines, both over time and between disciplines.


Sequoia Academy’s Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) embedded program is a college readiness program that focuses on preparing students for success in high school, college, and beyond. AVID provides students with academic, organizational, and social support, helping them develop critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills. Our students receive daily instruction in structured note-taking, time management, organization, reading, writing, and study skills. Additionally, they answer and ask high-level questions that go beyond routine answers. Our strong college-going culture encourages students to think about their college and career plans from the time they begin school. College pennants and banners are displayed throughout our campus and our staff provide the academic foundation that students need to be on a path for college and career success.


Sequoia Academy’s STEA³M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Academics, Arts, AVID, and Mathematics) education integrates these disciplines to promote inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Our STEA³M academy offers specialized programs and explorations to enhance and enrich the educational experience for all, while providing students with hands-on experiences, project-based learning, and opportunities to explore and develop their interests in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Additionally, Sequoia has a partnership with Disney Musicals in Schools, a sustainable musical theater program that develops a critical awareness and appreciation of the arts within our school, while it exposes students and staff to the wide spectrum of skills including critical thinking, problem solvings, ensemble building, communication, self-confidence, and interpersonal skills. Through discovery, exploration, innovation, and creative expression through arts integration and enrichment activities, students receive rich, extending learning opportunities, while building a positive school culture where every member feels valued and respected.


Sequoia Academy is committed to providing a challenging and supportive learning environment where all students can succeed and reach their full potential. Go Eagles!