Technology and Room Environments

Room Environments

Sequoia Academy is continually on the lookout for innovations to improve the effectiveness of their instruction and the educational outcomes of their students. One such innovation is blended learning, an instructional approach that allows students to assume greater control and a more active role in their learning.
Learning is enhanced by the space where it happens. There are many studies that support alternative seating in classrooms provide positive effects for students. Sequoia classrooms have a variety of alternate learning areas and seating. Whether students are collaborating at a stand up table, sitting on cushions or stools, or engaged in a lesson with an interactive projector or smart TV, scholars are engaged and excited to learn in 21st century learning environments.


Technology and Chrome Books

Blended learning is the use of technology tools in the classroom to support learning. Sequoia has embraced the implementation of technology. Students in transitional kindergarten through sixth grade have one-to-one Chrome Books. 
Technology is at Sequoia's fingertips. Students and teachers have been given access to Google tools such as those for word processing, presentation and spreadsheets that can be viewed by and shared with others. Programs such as Storybird, Discovery Learning, ST Math, Accelerated Reader and Imagine Learning are also useful tools to support learning. These programs are accessed in the classroom and can also be accessed from your home on computers, tablets and smartphones.
We are excited to embrace technology and help prepare your child for the future.