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Student Leadership

Who can apply?  

Students in fourth through sixth grade are encouraged to apply at the beginning of the school year.  Students must meet the qualifications listed on the application along with receiving a recommendation from their current teacher.


What does Student Leadership do?

The Student Leadership team serves as a liaison between students and staff.  Student Leadership organizes student events, brainstorms to come up with fun school-wide activities, and coordinates and promotes collection drives for the local community.  In addition, Student Leadership also promotes the Character Trait of the Month through chalk quotes written around campus and through creating, recording, and editing of video broadcasts, which are shown in the classroom.  Student Leadership also takes pictures for the school yearbook and assists with school-wide flag ceremonies and assemblies. 


Where and how often does Student Leadership meet?

Student Leadership meetings are held at least once a month in the library, during upper-grade lunch, under the supervision of Mrs. Henley.


Student Leadership exemplifies Sequoia Academy's values of

communication, leadership, social engagement, and academic excellence.